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Embracing Tradition: The Marcoot Jersey Farm Legacy

In the year 1840, our ancestors, the "Markut" family, embarked on a journey that would shape generations to come. Setting sail from Switzerland to New Orleans, they navigated the mighty Mississippi River, eventually finding their home in the Bond-Madison County region of southern Illinois. It was in this new land that the Markut name underwent a transformation, reverting back to its earlier Old World spelling – "Marcoot."

By the mid-1800s, our forebears were already tending to Jersey cattle, and historical relics like letterheads from the "Marcoot Jersey Farm" dating back to the 1850s bear witness to this legacy. The pride we take in our heritage is immense, as seven generations of our family have dedicated themselves to raising and nurturing these exceptional Jersey cattle.

Fast forward to 2007, when our parents, John & Linda Marcoot, approached us with a pivotal decision. They graciously offered us the choice to either continue the dairy tradition or pursue our own educational paths at college. Initially, we had envisioned completing our Undergraduate and Master’s Degrees before venturing beyond the farm. However, it quickly became evident that our hearts were rooted in carrying forward our family's legacy in the dairy industry. Thankfully, to this day, our Dad continues to oversee our cherished Jersey herd.

In March 2010, a new chapter began for the Marcoot Jersey Farm, as we crafted our very first wheels of cheese. Sustainability has always been a cornerstone of our family values, guiding every facet of our herd management, cheese production, and even influencing the creation of products like Extreme Ice and Dog-O’s Treats. Our cheese is a pure reflection of our own Registered Jersey cows, primarily nurtured on a diet of nutrient-rich grasses. No artificial hormones find their way to our beloved cattle.

All our cheeses find their home in our subterranean aging cave, meticulously designed after the time-honored cheese caves of Switzerland. This sanctuary not only provides a natural aging environment but also champions energy efficiency and sustainable practices within our creamery.

In 2018, our long-time best friend and skilled cheesemaker, Audie, embarked on a journey of her own. Through diligent research and development, Audie introduced us to Extreme Ice – a delectable frozen treat crafted from crushed fruit, whey, and whey isolate, boasting a remarkable 20 grams of protein in just 5 ounces. In addition, Audie unveiled our latest offering, Dog-O’s Cheesy Chompers, a dried cheese treat tailor-made for our four-legged friends.

We extend an invitation for you to visit our creamery. Marvel at the cheese-making process through our expansive viewing windows. Mingle with our calves, housed in close proximity to the creamery, and witness our state-of-the-art Robot Barn in action. Our aim is to not only offer premium products but also provide an educational experience for our valued guests.

For more information about our farm and creamery tours, click here to plan your visit.

We hope to see you soon!
Amy & Beth Marcoot

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