Corporate Gifts by Marcoot Jersey Creamery

Crafting Connections through Artisan Excellence

This holiday season, show your appreciation to clients, customers, partners, and employees with the exquisite gift of gourmet delights from Marcoot Jersey Creamery. Our dedicated gifting specialists are poised to collaborate with you, ensuring a tailored selection of artisan goods that fits seamlessly within your budget. Plus, enjoy exclusive volume discounts on larger orders.

3 Reasons to Shop Small this Holiday Season

Support a Local Legacy

When you shop small with Marcoot Jersey Creamery, you're not just purchasing exceptional dairy products. You're supporting a seventh-generation, family-owned dairy farm in Greenville, Illinois, where passion and expertise have been handed down through the generations. Your purchase contributes to the sustainability and growth of a cherished local business.

Unparalleled Artisan Quality

Our handcrafted artisan and farmstead cheeses are meticulously crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. By shopping small, you're choosing a level of quality that mass-produced options simply can't match. Each piece of cheese is a testament to the dedication and expertise that comes from decades of experience.

Personalized Attention

At Marcoot Jersey Creamery, every customer is valued. When you shop small, you receive a level of personalized service that's often hard to find in larger enterprises. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your experience is not only memorable but tailored to your specific preferences, making your holiday season truly special.

Common Questions About Corporate Gifts

How Do I Submit a Corporate Gifting Order?

Submitting a corporate gifting order with Marcoot Jersey Creamery is can be done in two ways.

1. Order Online. You can add as many gift boxes to your basket and choose a different delivery date (or the same date) and a different shipping address for each box.

2. Corporate Gift Order Form. Have more than a few boxes? Use our order form instead. We've listed our gift box assortment on one tab, ideas for gift messages on another tab and a tab for listing the addresses, delivery dates and gift messages for multiple boxes.

If you require any assistance, email or call the creamery at 618-664-1110.

Can I Customize Our Corporate Gift Boxes?

Absolutely! We understand that each business relationship is unique. That's why we offer customization options for our corporate gift boxes. Whether you'd like to include specific cheeses, add personalized notes, or tailor the assortment to fit your brand's preferences, we're here to bring your vision to life.

If you require any assistance, email or call the creamery at 618-664-1110.

Can I Speak with Someone Before Submitting Our Order?

Of course! We value open communication with our clients. If you have questions, need further details, or simply want to discuss your specific gifting needs, our team is readily available.

If you require any assistance, email or call the creamery at 618-664-1110.

Can You Create Gift Boxes Based on Our Budget?

Absolutely. We believe that exceptional gifting should be accessible to all. Our range of gift boxes spans various price points to accommodate different budgets. Additionally, for larger orders, we offer exclusive volume discounts, ensuring you can extend your gratitude within your designated budget.

If you require any assistance, email or call the creamery at 618-664-1110.

How is Each Gift Box Packaged, Shipped & Delivered?

At Marcoot Jersey Creamery, we take every measure to ensure your gifts arrive in pristine condition. Each gift box is carefully packaged in our sustainable materials, complete with ice packs to maintain the freshness of our perishable products. We partner with FedEx for reliable delivery to all 50 states. You can rest assured that your recipients will receive their gifts ready to enjoy. Additionally, we include information on how to serve, store, and savor our cheeses for the best experience possible.

If you require any assistance, email or call the creamery at 618-664-1110.

Unforgettable Impressions

"We turned to Marcoot Jersey Creamery for our corporate gifts and were blown away. The personalized service ensured our message was received loud and clear. The cheeses were nothing short of extraordinary!"

A Culinary Triumph

"Marcoot Jersey Creamery's corporate gifts wowed our clients. The selection was exquisite, and the sustainable packaging showed a commitment to quality from start to finish. Our recipients were overjoyed!"

A True Partner in Gifting

"Working with Marcoot Jersey Creamery was an absolute pleasure. Their range of gift boxes offered something for everyone, and the included guidance on serving and storing the cheeses added a thoughtful touch. Our partners were thrilled!"

Quality Beyond Compare

"Marcoot Jersey Creamery's corporate gifts elevated our client relationships. The attention to detail in every aspect, from product selection to delivery, showcased their dedication to excellence. Our recipients were impressed, and so were we!"

Unbeatable Quality & Service

"Marcoot Jersey Creamery's corporate gifts were a hit! The ability to customize the products allowed us to add a personal touch that our clients truly appreciated. Plus, the free shipping made the entire process seamless and cost-effective. A fantastic experience from start to finish!"

Exceptional Customization Options

"Choosing Marcoot Jersey Creamery for our corporate gifts was a game-changer. Their willingness to customize our selections ensured that each gift felt specially curated for our clients. The high-quality products coupled with free shipping made it an easy choice."

Delight Your Business Network with Premium Corporate Gifting

Discover the Perfect Gift this Holiday Season

Choose from an array of meticulously curated gift boxes, each designed to suit various price points. Alternatively, unleash your creativity and craft a customized version of our best-selling assortments, adding a personal touch to your corporate gifts.

Nationwide Delivery with a Sustainable Touch

Rest easy knowing your carefully chosen gifts will arrive in perfect condition, regardless of the destination. We partner with FedEx to deliver to all 50 states, and our sustainable packaging, coupled with ice packs, guarantees that our perishable products reach their destination ready to be savored.

A Gift That Comes with Friendly Guidance

Included with every gift box is a wealth of information on how to best serve, store, and savor our cheeses. This ensures that your recipients get the most out of their Marcoot Jersey Creamery experience.


Help a Neighbor This Holiday Season

Join us in making a difference by contributing towards reducing medical bills for rural residents in desperate need of vital health care assistance.