We're thrilled to share some exciting news with our valued customers: Marcoot Jersey Creamery is now proudly producing 100% A2/A2 Jersey milk! This milestone marks the culmination of over a decade of dedicated efforts to enhance our herd genetics, ensuring a superior quality of milk for our esteemed range of cheeses.

Understanding A2/A2 Milk

Milk primarily consists of two types of proteins: whey proteins and casein proteins. The pivotal beta-casein protein has two variants: A1 and A2. While all dairy cows were initially A2, the passage of time saw the emergence of a genetic mutation giving rise to the A1 variant in cows' genomic profiles. Importantly, A2/A2 milk bears no distinction in taste, texture, or nutritional value compared to conventional milk. Its unique advantage lies in its ease of digestion.

A2/A2: A Game-Changer for Digestive Health

Recent research strongly suggests that A2/A2 milk offers notable benefits for digestive health. Individuals with dairy protein allergies or sensitivities may find relief in consuming our products, as A2/A2 milk tends to be gentler on the digestive system.

The Marcoot Journey Towards A2/A2

In 2010, we embarked on a journey to explore the potential health benefits of A2/A2 milk. Recognizing its potential, we dedicated ourselves to breeding our cows exclusively with A2/A2 bulls. Over the past 13 years, we've tirelessly worked towards our goal of achieving A2/A2 status, meticulously selecting the finest A2/A2 genetics and genotyping each of our heifers right here on our farm.

Pioneering Research: A2/A2 Milk's Health Benefits

Published studies have unveiled promising health benefits associated with A2/A2 milk consumption. While more research is needed to delve deeper into this dairy revolution, initial findings have sparked tremendous interest in the demand for A2/A2 milk. Here are a couple of noteworthy articles:

Expanding the A2/A2 Cheese Lineup

As we forge ahead in producing A2/A2 milk from our cherished Jersey cows, the availability of our A2/A2 cheese will continue to grow. Presently, products such as Hatch Pepper Cheddar, Coffee Cheddar, Smoked Gouda, Gouda, Tipsy Cheddar, Mauna Loa Cheddar, Plain Cheese Curds, Garlic Herb Cheese Curds, Sriracha Cheese Curds, Quark, Strawberry Quark, and Herb Quark proudly bear the "Made with 100% A2/A2 milk from our Jersey Cows" sticker. Keep an eye on our website for updates as we expand our A2/A2 cheese inventory.

At Marcoot Jersey Creamery, we're not just delivering exceptional dairy products; we're revolutionizing the way you experience them. Join us in embracing the health benefits of A2/A2 milk and taste the difference for yourself!


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