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"I have worked all over the world. I believe the cheeses you are producing at Marcoot are World Class and are to be considered some of the finest I have ever had the privilege to work with in my life and what you are doing is amazing. The quality of the product is truly in a class by itself.  We are absolutely committed to supporting Marcoot Jersey Creamery I believe produces some of the finest cheese available in America. I thank you Beth, Amy and your staff for your dedication and love and care that goes into all the cheese you produce it shows in the result of exceptional cheeses."

— Chef Rex Hale, Executive Chef, The Restaurant and LHM Hotels, St. Louis, MO

"The hand stretched mozzarella is amazing! Knowing where and who it comes from makes all the difference.  I can't imagine making our pizza with anything else."

— Ryan Skyles, The Good Pie, St. Louis, MO


" I have been blessed to have MJC cheeses represent my home town of Greenville on Farmhaus' menus since we opened.  I love going to see Amy, Beth and Audie to see what they are up to and explore the facility and the delicious treasures in the cheese cave.  In my opinion, the cheeses these gals make are world class and truly represent the flavors in the delicious Jersey milk." 

Chef Kevin Willmann, Farmhaus Restaurant, St. Louis, MO