Marcoot Influencer Spotlight: Extreme Ice on Instagram

After spotting so many beautiful posts of our Extreme Ice on Instagram, we’re officially welcoming our new influencers into the Marcoot family. That’s right – these people post about our delicious product and we love them for it. Check out some of their amazing profiles below, give them a follow, and watch for their next post about Extreme Ice!


We’re proud to present our favorite Frenchies – Frankie Danger and Rebel Jane a.k.a. @frankiedanger_frenchie. When they’re not promoting Extreme Ice on Instagram, Frankie Danger’s a gangster and Rebel Jane’s a dollface. Mom says they’re 100% angel + devil. If she’s lucky, they might share some of that powerful protein punch with her. Join 19k+ followers in seeing their adorable faces daily.


This is Jen a.k.a @andhattiemakesthree! She’s a St. Louis-based blogger who likes to focus on family, food, style, and St. Louis fun! With 18k+ followers, her social media presence is growing strong. Find pictures of her daughter, puppy, and much more. You can send her fan mail at and find her blog here.


Meet Ashleigh a.k.a. @ashleighdaniel1! Being a “Twin Mom + 1,” her account is full of southern charm with a touch of Midwest whimsy. Her posts include lots of vibrant colors, her family, and descriptive captions for her 6k+ followers. Connect with her at and read her blog here.


Introducing Michelle a.k.a @imayogagirl! This healthy lifestyle blogger is from St. Louis and is a barre and yoga instructor/personal trainer. At 4k+ followers and counting, her motivational posts are sure to inspire you to start an active regimen of your own. Follow Michelle’s blog along with multiple other readers here.


Last but certainly not least, heeere’s Allison a.k.a. @a.vandemore! If we had to describe this blog in three words, they would be fashion, lifestyle, and coffee. Originally from Iowa, this new St. Louisan shows off her muscles while just being herself. She also promotes the brands she wears here. Become part of her increasing group of 1k followers and reach out to her at to find out even more.

Now that you know more about the people who love Extreme Ice, learn more about our product at and more about the story of our farm on YouTube at

What do you have to do to deserve this honor? Find us in our Country Store and Dierbergs Market to buy some Extreme Ice. Then, share your experience with those who follow you! P.S. You don’t have to physically share it, just on social media. That healthy and tasty treat made only with whey protein and crushed fruit is all yours!