Fall Fest on the Farm Recap

Cheese! Cider! Cows! To kick off October right, the Marcoot Jersey Creamery just hosted our annual Fall Fest on the Farm. Those who were in attendance joined us for an amazing day full of fall fun – Marcoot style! Luckily for you, we took pictures and included a few of them in the recap of the day below! Keep scrolling to see what you missed out on.


Fall Tradition

Several years ago, our family decided that there was a particular way we enjoyed celebrating the beginning of the fall season – with cheese and ice cream! Then it hit us that we couldn’t simply celebrate alone. We wanted to invite our entire community to the farm. So we expanded the party a bit by offering cheese tastings, our calf barn, the robotic milking parlor, a food stand with fresh fried cheese curds, grilled cheese sandwiches, brats with cheese, grilled chicken sandwiches, and hot dogs for families to purchase.


Family Fun

Trust us when we say that this year’s Fall Fest on the Farm was a blast for the 1,000+ people who showed up. Like, who could frown while looking into the big ol’ eyes of an adorable calf? Add a scoop of ice cream or Marcoot Extreme Ice made fresh from the farm and everything else is just a cherry on top. New this year, we created a straw bale slide and a corn box (think of a sand box with whole corn kernels) that the kids LOVED! We also offered six different activities for the kids to complete. Once they finished, they received a coupon for $1.50 off their choice of ice cream!

Agriculture History and Education.jpg

Agriculture Education

Our festival really is a fun opportunity to invite everyone to our farm and creamery while educating them about agriculture, too. As a seventh-generation dairy farm, we are grateful to continue our family’s legacy and pass on their knowledge. So next year, bring your children and get ready to learn about our passion for farming. Who knows – they might even become a part of the next generation to feed the world.  

We can’t wait to see you next October! If you want to see more pictures, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Leave us a comment if you attended Fall Fest on the Farm. We’d love to see your pictures as well, especially if you had any of our Extreme Ice with our cool, new packaging designs!

Marcoot Influencer Spotlight: Extreme Ice on Instagram

After spotting so many beautiful posts of our Extreme Ice on Instagram, we’re officially welcoming our new influencers into the Marcoot family. That’s right – these people post about our delicious product and we love them for it. Check out some of their amazing profiles below, give them a follow, and watch for their next post about Extreme Ice!


We’re proud to present our favorite Frenchies – Frankie Danger and Rebel Jane a.k.a. @frankiedanger_frenchie. When they’re not promoting Extreme Ice on Instagram, Frankie Danger’s a gangster and Rebel Jane’s a dollface. Mom says they’re 100% angel + devil. If she’s lucky, they might share some of that powerful protein punch with her. Join 19k+ followers in seeing their adorable faces daily.


This is Jen a.k.a @andhattiemakesthree! She’s a St. Louis-based blogger who likes to focus on family, food, style, and St. Louis fun! With 18k+ followers, her social media presence is growing strong. Find pictures of her daughter, puppy, and much more. You can send her fan mail at andhattiemakesthree@gmail.com and find her blog here.


Meet Ashleigh a.k.a. @ashleighdaniel1! Being a “Twin Mom + 1,” her account is full of southern charm with a touch of Midwest whimsy. Her posts include lots of vibrant colors, her family, and descriptive captions for her 6k+ followers. Connect with her at twintheredonethat@gmail.com and read her blog here.


Introducing Michelle a.k.a @imayogagirl! This healthy lifestyle blogger is from St. Louis and is a barre and yoga instructor/personal trainer. At 4k+ followers and counting, her motivational posts are sure to inspire you to start an active regimen of your own. Follow Michelle’s blog along with multiple other readers here.


Last but certainly not least, heeere’s Allison a.k.a. @a.vandemore! If we had to describe this blog in three words, they would be fashion, lifestyle, and coffee. Originally from Iowa, this new St. Louisan shows off her muscles while just being herself. She also promotes the brands she wears here. Become part of her increasing group of 1k followers and reach out to her at avande96@gmail.com to find out even more.

Now that you know more about the people who love Extreme Ice, learn more about our product at eatextremeice.com and more about the story of our farm on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keKNrCEsfyY&t=2s.

What do you have to do to deserve this honor? Find us in our Country Store and Dierbergs Market to buy some Extreme Ice. Then, share your experience with those who follow you! P.S. You don’t have to physically share it, just on social media. That healthy and tasty treat made only with whey protein and crushed fruit is all yours!

Extreme Ice Featured on FOX2 News in the Morning

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: We were featured on FOX2 News in the Morning! It was a fun-filled day as we brought a one-day-old calf and some samples of our Extreme Ice for FOX2 to taste. Check out the video below!

In case you didn’t already know, Extreme Ice is a delicious, nutritious treat just in time for summer! With a consistency close to shaved ice, Extreme Ice is made from fresh whey and mixed with crushed fruit. Served in a 5-ounce container, Extreme Ice contains 20 grams of protein with no added sugar. Pop it in your bag, bring a spoon, and savor this healthy treat no matter where you are! There are three flavors to choose from including strawberry, strawberry banana, and mango. 

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Celebrate National Dairy Month with Marcoot in June

Happy almost National Dairy Month! Marcoot Jersey Creamery has been waiting since last June for this exciting time of year. In order to celebrate, we’re hosting CheeseFest 2019 – our annual Cheese Olympics with interactive games, cheese cooking demonstrations, and free samples. This event will take place on Saturday, June 1 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at our farm on 526 Dudleyville Road in Greenville, Illinois.


Why do we love dairy so much? Besides the fact that we make our own, there are so many reasons. To put it simply, dairy is:


Did you know that 97 percent of dairy farms are family-owned and -operated? At Marcoot Jersey Creamery, we’re committed to sustainability. In fact, it is a key component for our family and farm as it guides our methods. Also, the 100 milking jersey cows who graze in our pastures receive no hormones and even get to enjoy our protein-filled whey, a byproduct from our cheese production.


According to IDFA, National Dairy Month is a great way to start the summer with nutrient-rich dairy foods. From calcium to potassium, dairy products like milk contain nine essential nutrients, which may help to better manage your weight and reduce your risk for high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and certain cancers.


It’s a fact that dairy farming and the dairy industry are responsible for nearly one million jobs in the United States. This means that the dairy community has a strong, positive impact on local communities across the country. Not only are jobs being created through dairy farming, but more people are also craving local foods in general. That’s because, according to Food Revolution Network,  “more and more people want to know where their food comes from and the farming practices of the farmers that grow and produce it.”


Of course, when it comes to food, most people are eating for more than just the battle against starvation. They’re eating for taste. Dairy has remained a staple of the American diet because it just tastes that good. Dry cereal in the morning isn’t the same without milk, just like how a burger is plain without cheese.

Since we’re in the mood to party, help us celebrate the all-new Marcoot Extreme Ice – available for purchase at CheeseFest 2019. In April, we announced the nationwide launch of this new and delicious frozen treat, which contains crushed fruit and fresh sweet cream whey. Marcoot’s whey comes from the creamery’s primarily grass-fed Jersey cows, which are known for producing excellent, rich, and high-quality milk.

Want to learn more about National Dairy Month? Follow us on social media @MarcootCreamery on Twitter and @MarcootJerseyCreamery on Instagram and Facebook as we post fun and educational facts about dairy! Also, don’t forget to also follow Extreme Ice on Instagram @EatExtremeIce.

What is Extreme Ice?


Want to enjoy something sweet without worrying while fueling your body? If so, we’ve got just the thing for you – Extreme Ice. It might look and taste like dessert, but it’s more than that. Let’s show you what we’re talking about. Read on to learn the question everyone is asking themselves, “What is Extreme Ice?”

Humble Beginnings

Sometimes the most innovative ideas start with a dream, and other times they start with the words, “What do I have to lose?” That’s where our family was in 2009 when three of us left our jobs to save the family farm in Greenville, Illinois – a.k.a. the Marcoot Jersey Creamery. And with nothing to lose, we started to make cheese. To our surprise, a new product was born.

Sustainability Takes Priority

If you know anything about cheesemaking, then you know that whey is a by-product of cheese. Essentially, the more cheese our family needed to produce, the more whey we would obtain. At first, because of whey protein’s supplemental value, we’d add it to our Jersey heifers’ diet. Over time, our farm’s popularity grew and we began producing more milk and cheese, so the whey was more than we could handle for efficiency. That’s when Audie Wall, our cheesemaker, business partner, and longtime friend, thought up a delicious idea.

Extreme Ice is Born

“Why not feed it to our customers?” The thought stemmed from the fact that larger dairy farms send excess whey to people who want to make protein supplements for humans – like protein powder. After some expected trial and error, it came to us – mix it with fruit and freeze it. When frozen, whey has a similar consistency to shaved ice. Now it just needed a name – Extreme Ice.

Health at the Forefront

How is whey good for you? Well, whey protein contains all of the essential amino acids (or “building blocks”) that your body needs. It’s also easy to digest. Athletes tend to use whey protein to increase muscle mass and recover from workouts. People with specific dietary needs can use it as a supplement, too. There’s even the crushed fruit mixed in with the whey to consider. While Extreme Ice has no added sugar, it does include essential lactose and fructose elements your body can benefit from. 

Off the Shelves and Into Your Hands

Extreme Ice is packaged into a 5 oz. container and is easily consumed with a spoon. One serving provides 20 grams of protein without additional protein powder. After you’ve made your purchase, feel free to add this to your post-workout shakes, morning smoothies, or any other way you currently fuel your body. Experiment with our flavors, too. We currently provide strawberry, mango, and strawberry-banana.

That’s Extreme Ice. Now that you know what it is, what are you waiting for? Extreme Ice is available in our Country Store and Dierbergs Markets. Want to see how our products are made firsthand? Schedule a tour today to visit our creamery! We’re open Monday through Saturday for the public to visit. We also offer guests free samples!

Show us on social media how creative you can get with our product using #MarcootStrong.